ARTEMIS is a work group at the School of Informatics of Reutlingen University. Our research is focused on the topic of medical information systems and related areas:

  • Interoperability and Interfacing Solutions
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Prototyping
  • Understanding the healthcare IT market in Germany
  • Information Extraction and Knowledge Mining

In today's healthcare IT market, we observe a significant gap between technological possibilities and available solutions.

In our research, we want to analyze the reasons behind this fact and identify approaches to integrate modern solutions into the healthcare system. We follow a very practice-oriented approach by conducting projects within the existing IT infrastructure of the healthcare system.

Our projects are interdisciplinary and we put a strong emphasis on cooperation with experts from the medical domain. On this website, we offer information about our ongoing projects and corresponding research contributions.

If you’re from a research institution or an industry company interested in cooperation with our group, feel free to contact us.