Title: FoPraNet-BW
    Start date: 2/2020
    End date: 1/2025


    Evidence-based medicine requires research. Whoever wants to answer questions relevant to general care today also needs answers from general practitioners. Research in general care requires research practices.

    The object of the five-year project is the establishment and consolidation of a sustainable network infrastructure of GP research practices and university institutions of general medicine in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

    The professional exchange of experience and knowledge within the framework of jointly conducted research projects enables the improvement of primary care for patients and promotes the strengthening of general care.

    The research practice network combines practical with scientific experience in order to answer practice-relevant research questions for GP patient care in an interprofessional research team.

    FoPraNetBW is part of the national initiavie DESAMFORNET by the German College of General Practitioners and Family Physicians (DEGAM)


    Title: TELEDerm Interim
    Start date: 10/2019
    End date: 6/2021

    As a continuation and further evalutation of the application of teledermatology in the TELEDerm study, a very similar system was developed as a complete open-source solution. We partnered with AOK-BW in order to evaluate our system while operating in actual general practices in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. AOK-BW benefits from general insights into the telemedical process which add to the development of their own software which will be able to handle a large-scale roll out.

    We are currently in the process of preparing a full release of all required components which are necessary for a technical implementation of teledermatological consults in a German GP-centered setting. The system will be able to perform well in a research-oriented business model on a small to moderate scale.


    Title: bwHealthApp
    Start date: 09/2017
    End date: 12/2022


    Aim of this project is the establishment of an open and integrative IT platform consisting of a central server and a decentralized gateway application which collects individual health data for personalized medicine (PM). The mobile gateway is to be used to gather data from patients with long term health issues from their everyday life environments with as less interference as possible. Data encloses vital signs from body area sensors such as wearables as well as patient reported outcomes. The data collected can then be analysed to monitor the course of a disease between two clinical examinations. Therefor a non-commercial smartphone application and backend system (bwHealthApp) is developed to provide personalized monitoring of relevant data to support a long term therapy by an attending physician.


    Title: TeleDerm
    Start date: 5/2017
    End date: 4/2020


    The TeleDerm project aims for implementation and evaluation of a teledermatology solution within a GP-centric primary care setting in Germany. The project is conducted as a controlled clinical trial and is coordinated by the Institute of General Practice and Interprofessional Care of the University of Tübingen. It is funded by the German Innovationsfonds, which is directed by the Federal Joint Committee. Amongst others, dermatologists, GPs, health insurances, health-care economists and IT experts are involved. The main objective is to improve care for patients with dermatological conditions by reducing the number of potentially unnecessary face-to-face consultations with specialists.

    Specifically, a store-and-forward tele-medical web-platform (KSYOS TeleMedical Centre) is integrated with the respective PMS to enable GP’s to perform tele-consultations with dermatologists from the Clinic of Dermatology of the University of Tübingen. The School of Informatics of Reutlingen University is in charge of software interoperability and technical support. The study is conducted in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg with 50 participating GPs in the interventional group, with a one-year interventional phase beginning in July 2018.


    Title: Reading Center
    Start date: 01/2014
    End date: ongoing

    Description Clinical Reading Centers bundle the expertise of domain-specialists to provide high-quality and low-variance analysis of medical data. In this project, an ophthalmologic Reading Center platform is developed to process examination data in the context of clinical studies in ophthalmology.

    Project Partners Center for Ophthalmology, University of Tübingen

    Project status A working version of the system has been in operation since 2015. The platform is currently integrated into the nation-wide study German National Cohort to provide analyses of the ophthalmic data.

    Work in Progress Current work is focused on generalizing the present status with the objective of elaborating a general domain model, system architecture and possibly also software components which may serve as guidelines or usable components for the integration and development of similar applications for other tele-medical use cases (e.g. the TeleDerm project).